Vancouver 2006 Program

June 28 - July 1, 2006
Individual abstracts are available for viewing/download by clicking on the nominees name.

Wednesday - Arrival
  1900 Reception


Thursday - Scientific Sessions
  0830 - 1000 I  Challenge of Glaucoma in the Developing World
Co-Chairs: Sommer, Resnikoff

Sommer: Introduction and background
Resnikoff (WHO): The Major Causes of Blindness in the World
Quigley: Prevalence and burden of glaucoma
Robin: Access to care-availability and costs of surgical and medical treatments, and patient compliance
Friedman: A “modest proposal” for WHO guidelines and recommendations for the prevention and treatment of glaucoma

  1000 - 1030 Break
  1030 - 1200

II  Epidemiology of world wide glaucoma
Co-Chairs: Wormald, Quigley (Pre-circulated material)
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In this session, the presentations will be brief and the discussion will be very interactive.

    Open Angle Glaucoma
Organization of care in 3 settings:
highly developed countries
most dis-advantaged countries
    Angle Closure Glaucoma
The need to develop evidence on which we can base whom to treat with iridotomy and other therapy
  1200 - 1330 Lunch
  1330 - 1500

III  Identification and screening
Co-Chairs: Weinreb, Seah

    Screening For Open Angle Glaucoma
Wilson: Background
    Is screening Feasible for Open Angle Glaucoma?
Coleman: IOP and Risk Analysis
Heijl: Visual Fields
Zangwill: Imaging
Lee - Yes
Hitchings No
    Is Screening Feasible for Angle Closure Glaucoma?
Friedman: Conventional Approaches
Aung: New screening modalities
Foster - Yes
Thomas - No
  1530 - 1700 IV  Presentations by Society nominees
5 presentations - each 11 minutes with 7 minute discussion
  1530 - 1541 Edward: Clinical Course of Bimatoprost-Induced Periocular Skin Changes in Caucasia
  1548 - 1559 Garudadri: Effect of optic disc size on the diagnostic capability of the imaging technologies in glaucoma
  1606 - 1617 Johnson, C: Normal Age-Related Sensitivity for a Variety of Visual Functions Throughout the Visual Field
  1624 - 1635 Johnson, D: Prostaglandins increase outflow facility in cultured human anterior segments
  1642 - 1653 Kee: Injection of Cultured Autologous Fibroblasts into the Subconjunctival Space of Rabbits Treated with Mitomycin C


Friday - Scientific Sessions
  0800 - 1000 V - Basic Science considerations
Co-Chairs: Chauhan, Tamm

Burgoyne: What really defines glaucomatous Cupping
Epstein: A New Hypothesis about Glaucoma
Weinreb: The Mouse in Glaucoma Research
Chauhan: Endothelin and experimental optic nerve damage
O’Brien: Gene Expression Studies in Optic Nerve Cells in Glaucoma
Tamm: Bone Morphogenetic Protein 7 is an Endogenous Antagonist of Transforming Growth Factor 2 in Trabecular Meshwork Cells and Tenon’s Fibroblasts
Kaufman: Caldesmon – A New Target for Gene Therapy in Glaucoma

  1000 - 1030 Break
  1030 - 1200 VI - Presentations by Society nominees
5 presentations - each 11 minutes with 7 minute discussion
  1030 - 1041 Kwon: Automatic cup-to-disc segmentation from stereo color fundus photographs using pixel feature classification algorithm
  1048 - 1059 Mills: The AGS Patient Care Improvement Project
  1106 - 1117 Nicolela: Prospective longitudinal study in glaucoma patients with specific optic disc phenotypes: Baseline characteristics and endothelin-1 related vascular reactivity
  1124 - 1135 Richards: Expression Profile Approach to Glaucoma Gene Detection
  1142 - 1153 Robin: Anecortave Acetate: Both a Novel Agent and Novel Delivery
System: Pilot Studies in Glaucoma
  1200 - 1400 Luncheon and Business meeting
  1400 - 1430 GOLDMANN LECTURE: The Glaucoma Graph
Professor Roger Hitchings
  1430 - 1500 Break
  1500 - 1700 VII - Pharmacologic treatment worldwide issues
Co-Chairs: Podos, Kaufman
Guest Panelist: Stephen Drance

Lee: Need - Epidemiologic, Demographic and Geographic Considerations
Robin: Availability: Getting Therapies to Those Who Need It
Coleman: Cost - To Patients, Countries and Society
Who Manufactures and Pays - Industry’s Role
Scott Whitcup, Kevin Buehler, Jack McMillan
Wilson: Pharmacogenetics and Ethnicity
Epstein: The Role of Scientific Discovery
Tuulonen: The Role of the Internet and Telemedicine


Saturday - Scientific Sessions
  0800 - 1000 VIII - Improving Surgical Care throughout the World
Co-Chairs: Khaw, Grehn

Grehn: Surgical Approaches to Childhood Glaucoma Around the World
Khaw: Should Anti-Scarring Therapies be Used in Every Glaucoma Surgery Performed Around the World
Quigley: Rational Approach to Glaucoma Surgery in Africa
Gandolfi: Is Non Penetrating Surgery Realistic for the Worldwide Surgical Treatment of Glaucoma?
Minckler: Devices – Are These a Realistic Approach to Surgery Around the World?
Aung: Surgical Approaches to Angle Closure Glaucoma

  1000 - 1030 Break
  1030 - 1130 IX - Presentations by Society nominees
4 presentations – each 10 minutes with 5 minute discussion
  1030 - 1040 Schuman: High-Speed, Ultra-High Resolution Optical Coherence Tomography in Glaucoma
  1045 - 1055 Sugiyama: Circadian intraocular pressure rhythm is generated by clock genes
  1100 - 1110 Yu: Pathways And Mechanisms Of Glaucoma Micro Drainage Surgery
  1115 - 1120 Jampel: Depression and mood indicators in newly diagnosed glaucoma patients
  1130 - 1300 X - Defining Progression in glaucoma
Are uniform worldwide standards possible?
Co-Chairs: Anderson, Garway-Heath
    Sekhar: Present Methods Used Clinically for Monitoring Glaucoma in the Parts of the World Familiar to me.
Drance: Present Methods Used Clinically for Monitoring Glaucoma in the Parts of the World Familiar to me.
Heijl: Obstacles to use of Visual Field Testing for Monitoring Progression
Chauhan: Obstacles to use Optic Disc Appearance to Monitor Progression
Caprioli: Potential for new Technologies for Monitoring Glaucoma in Various Clinical and Research Settings
Panel Discussion (30min): Speakers and other Society Members


Saturday - Social Program
  1330 - 1600 Boat Cruise